Thursday, September 27, 2007

Knowing When to Take a Break

In this fast paced busy world, there is always something that needs to get done. As a society, we go, go, go and then we go some more. Is this healthy? Is it really? I am finding as I get older that I am sometimes more productive when I take that break. It's true. If I stop and take a moment to relax, creative ideas start flowing. Solutions to problems that I had been trying to solve for weeks, somehow are revealed.

So maybe the answer to being overwhelmed is not to do more, the answer may just be to be still and relax for a moment so we can clear our minds and truly hear.

Knowing when to take a break is so important to being productive. Hmmm, I'll have to keep reminding myself of that so I won't get sidetracked and get back to busy mode again.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Britney and the VMAs - Can her career be salvaged?

You know, it's a little sad but it makes me a little concerned about Britney Spears. Here is a young lady that has a music career and somehow is managing to throw it away.

To be honest, I never thought Britney was all that talented. She is a great dancer but her singing voice is average. I did enjoy a few of her songs but I never thought she could be the successor to Madonna. I believe that it what the media tried to create but it never happened. The reason is that they are just very different. Madonna created herself, her own image and built a career while Britney allowed herself to be created by a label. Madonna had something to say and to prove while Britney..... Well, I'm not sure what Britney was saying.

Little by little, Britney has began to crumble. I really wish that she would take time off to get to know herself, go to college, spend time with her kids and truly evaluate whether she wants to be a music star or not. The 2007 VMA performance looked like an obligation. For a moment, Britney did like so many regular employees do daily. You know, the ones that just show up to work and just get throught the day with little enthusiam. I recognize it because I was was there once upon a time.

Hey, I am not going to beat up on Britney too bad. She has a lot of pressure for someone so young. The press has been hard on her. They called her fat or was it flabby. Whatever, she is not fat, although that outfit was not the best choice for a woman who gave birth to two children. Also, she is not crazy. She just needs to take a break, stop drinking, chill and be honest with herself about what she wants.

Soul searching and time away from the spotlight could save her career. I know that is not the general concensus but to me if she is good enough, all time away from the spotlight will do is make fans long for her more.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Slashers

It can be a good idea to have more than one goal. Well, of course it is a good idea. Plan B, can be good thing. It was such a good idea that Brad Pitt named his company Plan B. The interesting thing though is that it seems like in the Entertainment Industry that there are just so many slashers. Nah, I don't mean Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger or Michael Meyers from the famous cult horror films. I am talking about the people are who are: dancers/actors/producers/directors.

Since I have always known I was a writer or wanted to be a writer, this concept has been interesting to me. Very interesting. Is it possible to have too much going on where nothing get accomplished? It is?

Well, I guess the answer is "to each his own." It really is up to each person to find what they want in life. One thing to remember however is that within the process of finding the right career path , don't slash yourself or your dreams. Too many trades can sometime be too much.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Jealousy - The Biggest Waste of Time

I never understand why people take the time to envy someone else or anything that they might have. It's quite interesting. to me but don't they realize that what someone else has really has nothing to do with them or their ability to succeed.

When I hear people say they hate a beautiful celebrity or covet someone else's abs, I cringe. We're all blessed and fortunate to have something special. Maybe you are not tall and then like a model but does that mean you are less important. We are all important in our own way and until people get that into their hearts and minds, there will always be jealousy.

I am a writer but there will always be more successful writers but I am learning to be thankful for my talents. I know that if I keep working hard and believing my dream I can have the success that is meant for me. Now, when I achieve my goals and receive all the accolades that come along with it, don't be jealous because there is enough for us all. Instead of spending time on a useless emotion, spend time go after goals then you will be too busy to think about being envious.