Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life is Amazing

Each decade, I am amazed at all the changes that come about. All of the new technology and the gadgest that allow us to now do what we could not just a year or so ago. The growth of social networking provides the opportunity to find old classmates and colleagues. It would seem that I would be over the wonderful of technology and new media, but to be honest I am far from that. I actually love it. Each time a new products appears I am more excited and intrigued as to how it came about. In fact, I hope no matter how old I get I keep that childlike wonder. I may not be able to text as fast but I want to learn about it anyway. I want to remain curious and exuberant about whatever is new and different in this world.

If the truth be told, even when there is nothing to marvel about, I have to admit that life is pretty amazing. Throughout our life, we get to meet some pretty cool people and have some memorable experiences that can change our lives and the lives of other.

The economy may be having its challenges, but I want to keep in mind that no one can ever put a price on life. It is truly too amazing to buy and a very precious gift. Except it and live life to the fullest.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Staying on Course with the Positive Thoughts

This morning when I looked at the calendar, I thought how hard it was to believe that it was September already.  This year, like so many has gone fast but this year has been a little different. In the beginning of the year, I lost my job and then at the beginning of the second quarter of the year I lost my mother.  The second event was a little more devastating but they both were life changing in some form.  It has been a trying time for me, but I try to keep focus and realize that I am not alone and there are other people who are going through situations as well.  Knowing this fact, keeps me compassionate and more sympathetic to my neighbor as well as myself.  

It may take a little effort, but I make a conscious decision to remain as positive as possible.  One thing I do, is to think about how I got through other bad things from the past that have happened in my life and how they made me stronger.  I sometimes take a moment to call or visit someone to talk to them and make their day.  Staying positive in a time like this is vitally important.  It really is and to me it is the only way to succeed.  Life does get better but in the interim do what ever you can to make it and to stay positive.  Positive thoughts equal positive results.