Friday, December 14, 2007

Money or Happiness - Do you have to make a choice?

It seems as though when I am talking to people and they are looking for a job or a specific opportunity is being offered to them, the issue of money comes up. I hear things like: "How much are they paying?" or "What's the rate?" Now, don't get me wrong, these are good questions but what I truly want to know now in life is something that money can't buy. If someone tells me about a new opportunity. I want to know if this something they want to do or if it is something that will fulfill their life and make them happy. I mean come on, we have to spend at least 8 hours or more a day at an office so shouldn't we want to be there for more than the paycheck?

That is truly something I contemplate as I get older. I want to do something that makes me happy. Of course, I want a paycheck. Hell, I need a paycheck for many things to survive in society, but now I have learned to ask the question of myself when offered something that seems like a great opportunity. I am learning to ask myself if I will be happy if I make this change. Will the big salary be enough when I am stressed and hate going to work? Will it? Even taking vacations are only temporary when you hate your job.

I do believe that if you go after a dream or work on something you love, there is always a way to make a living. Sometimes even a great living. I believe Oprah is a perfect example. Go for happiness first, then money can be second.