Thursday, March 20, 2008

What is Genius?

You know, I always hear people referring to someone who comes up with a great idea, makes a lot of money or excels in music a genius. In society, we use the word so much that it may have started to lose any validity. Was it really used correctly in the first place?

Well for starters, I will be the first to say that I do not believe in GENIUS. I believe when someone is referred to as genius, it is only because they have had the opportunity to do what they are good at and make a living at it. Someone who is a great musician who gets to write songs, get records deals and sell out stadiums is not specifically better than the person playing in their garage or one who plays at a local bar. To me, the only difference is getting or making the opportunity come to life.

The problem to me with the word is that when the person who is uncertain about their goals hears it, they sometimes feel inadequate. They may even state that I am not this great humanitarian, scientist, musician, educator, actor or business mogul but it does not mean they don't have genius in them.

They just need the chance to express their gift or talent, then they can feel like a genius too. Genius really is all about belief, confidence and going after what is important to you and doing it for a living. That's Genius.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Stripper or Ex-Con

Hollywood is an interesting place to me. One with a little bit of a sordid past. Secrets kept and one hand washing the other. A place unlike any other and sometimes hard to figure out. As a writer and I am sure many actors can say the same, it it difficult to know what will catch some studio executive's eye. I mean what do they want? Do they even know? I have to say that lately I am starting to wonder, is it drama or an erratic lifestyle that makes for good TV and film? I have read posts or recent script purchases where ex-cons get a script sold, then with the recent Oscar win of Diablo Cody, one wonders if being a stripper works. But then again, right after she wins, the media backlash begins. Was she an easy target because of her past? Is it more exciting to mention that the writer just came out of jail or rehab? Do we like to see others fall? Does it make us feel better? The average writer with a boring and average lifestyle seems to get overlooked and I say why? What has our society come to? I mean, writing about life totally works and sometimes lives can be happy. REALLY. It may be hard to believe but some good stories come from writers that are the nerds next door. Remember that.