Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Have to Have Your Own Mind

I am a fan of advertising. As a writer, it is part of how I make my living. The thing is though, I am one of the rare people not quickly influenced by what I see on TV or the movies. I don't have to see celebrities with the newest designer bag to go out and get one. If I want a new purse, I will just but one. Why is it that I would need a celeb to show up at a hip party with a new outfit or accessory before I decide to buy something. Why would I buy anything at all if I did not need it.

Don't get me wrong, I follow some trends and even like many things in style. I have a lot of beliefs as many people but there has to come a time when I and other go against the grain and do my own thing. I don't always like the latest fashions. I don't always thing the newest actor or singer is so great.

Are we supposed to learn to think for ourselves and ultimately make our own decision? Isn't that the case. I really do wish more people would think for themselves. Following the crowd can only work for a while. At some point in everyone lives, they have to have their own mind.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I am the Change I Need

With recent excitement of the recent election, it is evident that Americans are very excited and hopeful about change. That is s a good thing but I wonder if this is not something to set ourselves up for disappointment. What if Obama can't change things around. Would it be his fault or just the way it is?

Of course, having a new Presidential administration is good but maybe real change is more personal. Many people ask me if I am excited and to be honest, I would have made life work well for me, no matter what the outcome. I am learning not to allow outside things to move me and to try and remain constant in my emotions. I finally know that I am in control of my life and that I am actually the change I need.

If the economy is not doing well, then I figure out some new ways to save money. If I lose my job, then I keep searching until I find a new one. My life is really up to me. Isn't it? Again, I am happy for all who seemed exuberant and very hopeful about the election outcome. The only thing that I am concerned with is that I pray that people realize that things don't change overnight and that they have to do their part as well. It is not just up to the President, corporate leaders, or congress do do everything for us. Being a citizen here in the US, we all are responsible for change. It is actually my honor to do so since so many of my ancestors fought for me to be here. No matter what, I know that, I am the change I need to have a good life.