Thursday, December 28, 2006

Trusting yourself

Life does throw us some curve balls. A layoff may happen or a break up may happen but it is important to trust the part of yourself that knows that everything will work out.

I once left a job without having another. I know my friends and family were worried for me but inside I knew that I would be just fine. I knew that there was nothing to worry about and there wasn't. By leaving, I got to take a break, have lunch with friends and catch up on movies. It was awesome.

I am making a vow to myself to never again stay any place that does not make me happy. I have choices. We all do. We are fortunate enough to live in a place where choice is welcome so I am going to do myself and the world a favor by being true to myself. By doing this I am the best I can be for myself and the best I can be for any employer. Everything always works out for the best even when can't see it. Perception is everything. I perceive good and good will happen.

Life really is simple. We just make it hard. Enjoy it and trust yourself more. It will be all right.

New Year

I was just sitting back thinking about what my plans might be for the new year. I want to make a resolution but I want to be sure to keep it. Things like taking more chances, going after goals and sticking to a a fitness plan.

Not sure what the strategy is yet. Maybe I will just take one day at a time and see how that goes. That might work better than making plans.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Being Mean to Succeed

As a writer I work in an industry where it has been common knowledge that to get ahead you must be ruthless. As a younger woman I tried to adhere to those standards however the problem was that by attempting to become this tough person I lost myself. I really was a good person trying to make myself mean to get ahead. It did not work for me and I really don't believe it works for many.

Now, there are people that are still rich and successful by society's standards but are they really happy. Can you really be evil to your assistant or other employees and have a successful social life. Does your family like you? Do you have friends?

I believe life is about balance. It is a simple enough strategy but something that people miss. Go ahead and go for the goals and succeed but also spend time with people that really love you. And why not treat your assistant like an ally. As a past assistant I can say that she really is your ally. You may not really think you need he or she to succeed but isn't it better to have someone that really wants to help you because they like you rather than someone who helps only for a paycheck.

I always heard you get more bees with honey. You can get bees by being sour but the bees that get the honey stay forever.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

First at 40

You know, decades and milestone seem to make us reevaluate our lives. There were many things that I would not do as a single person however just 5 months ago, I turned 40. As a woman it has been quite liberating.

To celebrate, I took my first trip to Europe alone. I was a little nervous at first but I have to tell you that it was the best thing I had ever done. I even spoiled myself and indulged a little while traveling. It was the absolute best. I am planning to travel again real soon.

Now that I have returned I try to persuade as many of my girlfriends as possible to take the plunge and do something different.

That is how life is meant to be lived.