Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Supporting One Another

Each day I wonder if modern society knows the importance of being kind, and I mean really being kind to one another. I usually pride myself as a kind and loving person but when I feel attacked, I sometime revert to this little child trying to fight my way out of a paper bag. I feel frustrated and am not always at my best. There are times when I am excited about something I have accomplished and I tell someone and they don't seem to respond the way I thought. Is it me or it is that we just don't know what to say or how to support one another?

Let's face it, I am overwhelmed and as as busy as the next person. Everyone seems to be carrying a heavy load. Is that it? Is being busy the reason we can't stop, smell the roses and celebrate in the happiness of others? That could be it and if so, what do we do? I have a solution that sounds simple but may not be. I think we should all stop pretending and really ask ourselves what makes us happy. That could mean, career, friendships, where we live, etc. We have to really be honest and then take some action. In doing this, we create a better life where we are happy and in turn can support someone when they need us. The problem with this can be fear. Currently, the economy is not so great so people are afraid to go after dreams. Some people are afraid even when the market is fine.

I get that. It is tough to make changes in our lives, but it is becoming even more important to to do this so we can be the best we can be. If we begin with supporting ourselves and our own dreams, it can definitely be easier to support others. Just a thought.