Sunday, January 20, 2008


It is just a little after the New Year and I need a new laptop. I fought the urge for a while but my desk top has decided to no longer cooperate with me. When I discuss this with people, the first question that I get asked is: Do you want a MAC or a PC? I don't respond right away, but my first question for them is this: What difference does it make? I am a writer, not a filmmaker, film editor or graphic artist? I mean really. I just need something where I can create content, save and store my material.

The arguments are the same. MAC users swear MACs are better and PC owners swear PCs are better. To be honest, I just want something that works. I also want to buy something that I can afford and a machine that lasts me at least 5 years. Who has time to continue to transfer material from computer to computer.

Once I get my new computer, I have to transfer my important files. I also currently own PC related software that I need to reload. Will this load correctly on a MAC? Can I transfer PC files to a MAC with few problems and at a reasonable costs? I also need to be able to work seamlessly as soon as possible. Maybe when I have more time and money to change systems and explore something new, I will make a change. Maybe I will keep both in my apartment for diversity.

For now, and since I need to work I will just keep what I am familiar with so I can continue to work and stay in the game keeping abreast of what is going on in the world.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What the New Year Means

Each year, many of us make New Year's resolutions. We plan to lose weight, save money, date more or get a new job, however about 2 months into the year something happens. We seem to throw all the good efforts right out of the window. While I'm not sure what the remedy might be, I was thinking that maybe deciding to take one day at a time could work. Begin with little things you can do each day. Day by day changes can become good habits before you know. Think about it: It started the same way with a bad habit so why won't it work with a good habit.

Maybe if we take things one day at a time, perhaps we can stick to resolutions longer.