Sunday, June 10, 2007

Harlem is Really Changing

It seems like every week I walk through the streets of Harlem, I see a new housing development or condominium being built. I guess it is a part of the fact that New York is an ever changing and evolving city. There are many new things that pop up each day such as new banks and new restaurants in neighborhoods currently being rebuilt.

Harlem, the Upper West Side specifically is becoming a new hot spot for young successful businessmen and women to purchase their first homes. In fact, I recently overheard a co-worker saying they just bought the complete floor of a recently renovated brownstone near and around 116th Street. Just thinking of all the possibilities is very exciting. To own your own apartment in New York is definitely the best investment one can make. Lately, I have been making a special note to keep an eye out for current listings online, in the paper and by word of mouth. In this changing city, it is important keeping abreast of new information for the right opportunity for ownership. If I keep looking hard enough, it can be found right under my nose.

A New Space to Call Home

After 5 years of living in a small studio located in a historic brownstone on West 73rd Street, I thought it was time to upgrade. I loved the Upper West Side location but I wanted to get a little more space for my money. I began what seemed like a time consuming search, however after many appointments I found a great apartment on 127th Street in Harlem. I was fortunate enough to see the apartment decorated by the previous tenant and once again completely empty. The apartment was quite spacious and gave much to the imagination.

The walls in the much larger studio were classic white and gave way to much visualization. I decided right away that I would leave the largest wall white but add some decorative colors to the smaller walls. I began with a melon color to compliment the colors in my new couch. I purchased dark brown pillows for the couch to bring out the bits of brown deeply embedded into the couch. The contrast worked well and I now had a dash of spring in my new living quarters which allows an inviting quality to all who visited. On the wall that remains white, I plan to hang two paintings and this will complete my decorating project. All of the work was done completely on my own and in my leisure time. Moving was not so much fun but the decorating was very exciting.