Monday, April 13, 2009

Networking vs Do it Yourself Job Hunting

Since I have been laid off, I have found something to be true. I have always said that no one will care about your career more than you and it's true. Many people will tell you that in business "It's Who You Know." I agree and I disagree with this notion. I agree because there have been a few instances when I received and opportunity that DID happen because I had a connection. However, along with that connection I had to have the skills and education to do the job once hired.

Why I disagree with the "Who You Know" philosophy is that many times in my career I have gotten position based purely on just sending out my resume and cover letter. I had no connections at all. I have also received calls just by placing my resume on job boards. It really does work. I believe the best way to succeed in something is to cover all basis. Sure, get out there and network and collect business cards but also, get online, send your resume and contact people you don't know. Sometimes just having the right skills, education and believing in yourself is the only connection you need to know.